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14 August 2006

32nd Democrats are a feisty bunch

Postman had a great post this morning about the recurring feud between Sen. Darlene Fairley and Rep. Maralyn Chase, both 32nd district Democrats with voting records at the left side of their caucus. At issue was the candidacy of Chris Eggen, who filed at the last minute against Fairley for the sole purpose of trying to broker peace between the legislators. I had heard some rumours coming out of that district prior to filing week that Fairley was going to retire at the last moment so Carolyn Edmonds could jump in at the last moment and screw Chase out of the opportunity, but even if there were any credence to that gossip Eggen's candidacy effectively kept Fairley from dropping out and choosing a successor. After the failed peace offering Eggen says he will not make any further attempts and will stay in the race but not campaign. Looks like the feud will continue at least two more years!

For the record, Kenmore City Councilman David Baker is challenging Fairley in November, but is unlikely to win. Hell, in that district breaking 40% would be a success.


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