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30 August 2006

Muni League ratings

The King County Municipal League has released their candidate interview ratings for the 2006 primary and general elections, linked above. I've rehashed the data below for some of the better legislative contests this cycle.


43rd House - Democrat: Lynne Dodson, Outstanding; Jamie Pedersen, Very Good; Stephanie Pure, Very Good; Bill Sherman, Very Good; Jim Street, Very Good; Dick Kelley, Good.

47th Senate - Democrat: Ed Crawford, Outstanding; Claudia Kauffman, Very Good.

30th Senate: Tracey Eide [D-i], Outstanding; Renee Maher [R], Adequate.
30th House 1: Mark Miloscia [D-i], Very Good; Anthony Kalchik [R], Adequate.
30th House 2: Skip Priest [R-i], Outstanding; Helen Stanwell [D], Adequate.

31st Senate: Yvonne Ward [D], Very Good; Pam Roach [R-i], Good.
31st House 1: Karen Willard [D], Very Good; Dan Roach [R-i], Good.
31st House 2: Jan Shabro [R-i], Very Good; Christopher Hurst [D], Very Good.

41st House 1: Fred Jarrett [R-i], Outstanding; Dale Murphy [D], Very Good.
41st House 2: Judy Clibborn [D-i], Very Good; Erik Fretheim [R], Good.

45th Senate: Toby Nixon [R], Very Good; Eric Oemig [D], Good.
45th House 1: Roger Goodman [D], Very Good; Jeffrey Possinger [R], Good.
45th House 2: Larry Springer [D-i], Outstanding; Tim Lee [R], Adequate.

47th Senate: Mike Riley [R], Adequate; Democrats above.
47th House 1: Geoff Simpson [D-i], Very Good; Donna Watts [R], Adequate.
47th House 2: Pat Sullivan [D-i], Very Good; Andrew Franz [R], Very Good.

48th Senate: Luke Esser [R-i], Very Good; Rodney Tom [D], Outstanding.
48th House 1: Ross Hunter [D-i], Outstanding; Nancy Potts [R], Not Qualified.
48th House 2: Deborah Eddy [D], Very Good; Bret Olson [R], Adequate.


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