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16 August 2006

Supreme Court races polled (!)

Even more surprising than SurveyUSA polling our meaningless US Senate primaries is that they polled something interesting, all three state Supreme Court races. The sampling of "likely voters" was quite small at 279, and has a 6% margin of error as a result. The findings:

Pos. 2

Susan Owens [i] 28%
Stephen Johnson 11%
Richard Smith 11%
Michael Johnson 10%
Norman Ericson 9%

Pos. 8
Gerry Alexander [i] 36%
John Groen 32%

Pos. 9
Tom Chambers [i] 41%
Jeannette Burrage 32%

Even with the high amount of undecideds, the internal demographics on here are fun to look at. One surprising tidbit there is that Burrage is winning Democrats while Chambers is dominating Republicans. Considering that Chambers is a center-left justice and that Burrage is supposedly not qualified, that's something of a revelation.

Also, regarding the Alexander-Groen race, I've decided I'm going to write-in Dan Savage. I've been sour on Groen from the start, and was considering voting for Alexander until he went the wrong way and cost us the DOMA decision, so I cannot bring myself to vote for either of them. Wasting a vote on a write-in is still less a waste than spending my vote on either of those clowns.


At 4:54 PM, Blogger Gerald said...

I agree with you, I don't want to vote for Pos. 8 anymore.

As for Pos 2... Its sad that Michael Johnson is even close to Stephen Johnson. I really have no faith in voters anymore.

Still very interesting. I wonder what Reed's decision will do to these numbers:

At 6:43 PM, Blogger TMW said...

As much as I adore Sam Reed, I agree that this particular decision was a poor one. This is what the office publishes voter guides for.


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