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01 September 2006

Primary endorsements from The Stranger

Yeah, they aren't as funny or extensive as usual (not surprising given the lack of contentious primaries this year), but still notable for their 43rd district endorsement of Stephanie Pure. An excerpt:

Pure, who's focused on density and smart growth, is most in line with the SECB (and her district) on a wide range of issues. She supports public financing of campaigns; she says full marriage equality, not just civil unions, is her goal; and, saying the city's commitment to meeting Kyoto standards "seem[s] to stop short when we talk about the viaduct," she supports the surface/transit alternative for replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct. (Pure's opponents all support the mayor's unaffordable, environmentally unsustainable $4 billion tunnel.) And Pure was the only candidate of the three to mention education and reproductive rights among her top priorities.

Other finalists who lost out to Pure were Jamie Pedersen and Jim Street. Elsewhere, the Stranger Election Control Board endorsed incumbent Supreme Court Justices Susan Owens and Tom Chambers, along with a half-assed lesser-of-two-evils endorsement of Gerry Alexander. I, for one, would feel even better wasting a vote on a write-in than give it to either him or John Groen.


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