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14 September 2006

Profile: 14th House - Republicans

While it falls short compared to the 43rd district primary in star power, the 14th district is probably the most intriguing of the 2006 GOP primaries, at least of those with more than two contenders. This primary was launched when Rep. Jim Clements [R-Selah], a conservative in the House GOP leadership, announced his retirement. Five candidates jumped into the race in the aftermath:

-Glen Blomgren: Yakima businessman
-Jim Keightley: Washington State Patrol officer
-Harold Koempel
-Charles Ross: Naches mayor
-Sandra Belzer Swanson: tax-cutting advocate

At this late stage the candidates have had little time to fundraise, so I think this favours Blomgren, who was the first to enter. He also has the support of Attorney General Rob McKenna, the state's most powerful Republican. Ross is also a solid contender due to his municipal experience and the support of Clements, along with apparently the bulk of party bigwigs. The truth is, I've been going back and forth on this one between the two. I'm going to just say Ross and stick with it, but it's pretty much a crapshoot.

Prediction: Ross Lean


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