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07 September 2006

Primary highlight schedule, first installment

Between today and September 19, the night of the primary election, I intend each day to highlight and predict outcomes on a different primary election on the ballot. Considering the saddening lack of competitive races, the bar is pretty low to begin with, but we do have a handful of good matchups across the state this year. Below is the tentative schedule, and at some point along the line I hope to have time to look over our three Supreme Court races as well.

9/7 - Kitsap County Sheriff, Democrats
9/8 - Spokane County Assessor, Republicans
9/9 - Thurston County Treasurer, Democrats
9/10 - Spokane County Sheriff, Republicans
9/11 - 28th District House, Republicans
9/12 - 9th District House, Republicans
9/13 - 44th District Senate, Democrats
9/14 - 14th District House, Republicans
9/15 - 35th District Senate, Democrats
9/16 - 26th District Senate, Republicans
9/17 - 47th District Senate, Democrats
9/18 - 43rd District House, Democrats

In the first of the series of primary matchup profiles, we look at a local race to the west. Incumbent Kitsap County Sheriff Steve Boyer [D] is running for reelection and is being challenged by Jim Rye, a sheriff's deputy from Bremerton. Rye has proven a credible challenger due to strong fundraising for a local office (has outraised the incumbent and has more on-hand), and has received the endorsement of the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs. Boyer is supported by the bulk of the Kitsap Democratic establishment, led by US Rep. Norm Dicks. He also has been endorsed by a few Republicans, as well. My guess is that Rye puts up a decent number, but Boyer will be retained.

Prediction: Boyer Lean


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