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11 September 2006

Profile: 28th House district GOP primary

This primary should not be happening, but since GOP leaders seem content to run chronic loser Bob Lawrence yet again for the other seat, Republicans will have to choose between two solid candidates to face Democrat Troy Kelley in this open seat being vacated by Rep. Gigi Talcott [R]. In my opinion, either choice will have the upper hand in the general election. The candidates here are Tacoma lawyer Don Anderson and University Place Councilman Stan Flemming, a former Democratic representative wiped out in the 1994 GOP tide.

I think Flemming will pull off a narrow victory in spite of his late entry compared to Anderson. His experience in municipal office will likely be foremost in voters' minds rather than that he was elected as a Democrat close to 15 years ago. Name recognition will be key if Flemming is to win this primary.

Prediction: Flemming Lean


At 7:03 PM, Blogger steilacoomvoter said...

I agree Flemming should win but based on experience not name recognition. Rumor is the Republicans won't acknowledge him as a candidate. Figures. As a democrat, even I can figure out the kindergarten-level thought process that this should be about qualifications. My guess is the Republicans only see the money they've invested in the ready-fire-aim approach. At least they are living up to my life-long impression of their decision-making capabilities. They need Flemming much more than he needs them - the question is will they acknowledge it / him? Time will tell.

At 9:35 PM, Blogger TMW said...

That's the Republican Party's problem these days is that they've gone far too Libertarianish and seem to care more about ideological and partisan purity than getting elected. The Democrats have figured that out by now, and that's why they're winning the war over the suburbs and how they're going to have a dominating lead over the Senate next biennium.


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