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05 November 2006

2006 Log Cabin Republican legislative endorsements

Via an email from the secretary of LCR-Washington, I am pleased to help spread the word to reelect the following key Republican allies in the fight for GLBT equal rights in our state. In my mind, each of them is well-deserving of their endorsement due to their record of independence in the face of a GOP minority that seems to be increasingly hostile to civil rights.

Rep. Shirley Hankins [R-Richland]
Rep. Fred Jarrett [R-Mercer Island]
Rep. Skip Priest [R-Federal Way]
Rep. Jan Shabro [R-Bonney Lake]
Rep. Maureen Walsh [R-College Place]

Fortunately, four of these five are likely retentions, with only Rep. Shabro facing credible Democratic opposition this year. However, I find it unfortunate that no non-incumbent Republican candidates were endorsed by LCR-WA this cycle. This is indicative of why the GOP is struggling to win in the suburbs, as it is directly-correlated to their inability to recruit social moderates in open seat contests or inaction in the same regard, whatever the case may be. From all I've seen, the only fresh GOP candidate for the legislature this cycle who is reasonable on gay issues is Tim Lee (45th House district), who I understand to favour civil unions. Otherwise, I suspect we will see swing districts tilting Democratic in the face of Republican opposition who are too socially-conservative. Diane Tebelius ought to start to take notes November 8th.

On a similar note, I have been unable to locate SEAMEC endorsements and ratings for the general election thus far. If anybody has access to this information, I would be pleased to view it, as the SEAMEC website only has primary endorsements for 2006 at the current time.


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