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30 October 2006

The Stranger endorses Hugh Foskett, among others!

Yeah, that's about the only endorsement they offered this year that is worth talking about. As usual, The Stranger's endorsement sheet is a fun read, and, as FDR might say, uncompromisingly liberal. One can easily guess their endorsements in every other race, but in the 43rd district House race, they endorsed UW student Hugh Foskett, whom I posted a half-assed news item about when he first filed with the PDC, mostly to praise the effort of running in a district where 20% would be a blessing. The Stranger explains their endorsement as follows:

Admittedly, there is one Republican we just can't resist endorsing. In the 43rd District race our Democratic candidate of choice, Stephanie Pure, was eliminated in the primary. As a consequence, the state legislature will once again lack a voice for today's youth. Which is why we're issuing a rare Republican endorsement: vote for Hugh Foskett, the Republican running against Jamie Pedersen for this open seat in the Washington State House of Representatives. Foskett is a sophomore at the University of Washington and, as we've seen over the last few weeks, Foskett is quite literally in touch with today's young people.

Not that great of a reason to issue their sole Republican endorsement (sounds like Pure sour grapes more than anything else), but I endorse their endorsement if only for its spontaneity.


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