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06 December 2006

Other House committees

Chris at Strange Bedfellows has a list of the committee chairs for the upcoming House session. In addition to yesterday's news of Judy Clibborn winning the much-coveted Transportation spot, here are some other notable tidbits (click the link for the full list):

Appropriations: Helen Sommers
Capital Budget: Bill Fromhold
Education: Dave Quall
Finance: Ross Hunter
Judiciary: Pat Lantz
Rules: Frank Chopp

In other news, NPI has the scoop that Antioch Bible Church's douchey pastor Ken Hutcherson is launching a long-shot initiative to repeal last spring's gay anti-discrimination law. If he's still not over that common sense legislation, he's going to go off his rocker when Ed Murray introduces a marriage bill come January. Not that it will pass (it probably won't), but considering all these new Democrats in office and a handful of moderate Republicans still in the House, I see no reason why the legislature should not be able to succeed in passing a legal union package with relative ease.


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