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04 December 2006

Senate Republican leadership announced

And they stuck with more of the same, as did the House Republicans when they reelected Richard DeBolt yet again. In foreign countries when a party leader loses an election, they rightly get booted from their position. If there's any consolation, there aren't that many more seats their crew can lose. The "new" team:

Leader: Mike Hewitt [R-Walla Walla] - reelected
Whip: Dale Brandland [R-Bellingham] - moved from Caucus Vice Chair
Floor Leader: Mark Schoesler [R-Ritzville] - moved from Whip
Caucus Chair: Linda Evans Parlette [R-Wenatchee] - moved from Deputy Leader
Deputy Leader: Cheryl Pflug [R-Maple Valley] - moved from Deputy Floor Leader
Caucus Vice Chair: Dan Swecker [R-Rochester]
Deputy Whip: Jerome Delvin [R-Richland]
Deputy Floor Leader: Mike Carrell [R-Lakewood]


At 11:59 AM, Anonymous peter said...

I'm with ya...I was really looking forward to Republican's changing up their leadership in both houses. In the Senate Cheryl Pflug should have run, as she is now one of two KC GOPers in the Senate, and it would show the GOP is not simply a party of east of the the house I would have liked to see Doug Ericksen run for minority leader...he has some amazing ideas, and he would have run a pretty tight ship in the house, and egging on house Dem's to raise taxes which would pave the way for Dino...Oh well...

At 2:55 PM, Blogger TMW said...

I'm not that impressed with Pflug, but compared to who she's in leadership with she might have made the best leader out of the bunch. I agree on Doug Ericksen, I think he would be a very good leader in the House. I have issues with his social positions, but otherwise I like him quite a bit. On the bright side he did move up to the #2 spot in the House Caucus, so if they ever do ditch DeBolt he'll be in a good position for leader.


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