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25 December 2006

Something to be thankful for this season

I hadn't intended to post anything today, but an article in today's News Tribune has reminded me something I'm politically thankful for on this Christmas morning: Derek Kilmer. I had forgotten how pleasing his victory this year was, and that we would no longer have Senator Bob Oke in state government.

This article is a typical media suck-up-fest to Oke and his "crusade" against tobacco companies being able to give free samples of their product, on the off-chance it might wind up in the hands of some kid (because, you know, that whole law requiring somebody to be 18 to purchase and possess tobacco is pretty vague, so we need more laws to make sure). It praises him for continuing to lobby for this unneeded legislation in the face of his recurring cancer treatments and the federal courts striking down the law passed last biennium after years of filibustering by Rep. Bill Grant [D-Walla Walla]. Now, being the marginally-decent person I am, I hope Oke survives his cancer. However, I do not respect his recent performance in office, and am ever-thankful his legislative career is finished. Sadly, he will probably spend the bulk of his retirement lecturing his deviant daughter on what a terrible person she is for being a lesbian. Remember, that's "tough love."

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