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11 April 2007

House passes domestic partnerships

Yesterday the House passed SB5336, instituting a domestic partnership registry in the state for gay and lesbian couples along with elderly heterosexual couples. The vote was very lopsided due to the partisan split, and had little crossovers in contrast with last month's Senate vote where four conservative Democrats opposed the bill. In all, only two Democrats, Reps. Tami Green and Mark Miloscia, voted against the bill while three Republicans, Reps. Shirley Hankins, Fred Jarrett, and Maureen Walsh, crossed in support. I'm quite pleased that this important legislation has now been passed and is sure to be signed towards the end of the session, though am disappointed in a few GOP representatives who had expressed support for such a bill in the past. However, this is not the time for disappointment, as GLBT citizens will soon be allowed an important step on the journey to full marriage equality.

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At 9:13 AM, Anonymous a certain skylark said...

Good news for Washington. I hope it doesn't become an issue in the gubernatorial race, though.

At 12:59 PM, Blogger TMW said...

It's much more likely that Ken Hutcherson and his goons will make an initiative push, and that probably won't become an issue in the gubernatorial race unless they don't do it until 2008. They would likely have a better chance of winning an initiative battle this year when less voters are going to turn out, but doing so in 2008 could become an issue if Gregoire could use it to prove that Dino Rossi is a moderate-in-name-only.


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