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18 August 2005

Drago in trouble, but can Corr beat her?

Moderate-liberal Seattle City Council candidate Casey Corr has been posting multiple press releases on his website about how much his opponent is in trouble. She may well be, and he is a strong opponent who enjoys the backing of the mayor. However, as i've noted in the past, his campaign's joyous press releases are only telling one half of the story. They've been making a big deal out of Jan Drago not receiving the support of various local Democratic Party organizations. While this is a reason for concern, being that Drago is an incumbent who is as liberal or more than these organizations, what the Corr campaign fails to mention is they did not endorse him in her absence. In fact, Corr was not endorsed by any of the five district organizations, with even no-chance-in-hell candidate Angel BolaƱos having received one endorsement. This is not out of the question, given that Corr is more centrist than the others seeking these endorsements, but it's still little to rejoice over.


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