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21 August 2005

Open Spokane council seat at-a-glance

Today's Spokesman Review contained an article (a free article, thank God) covering the mass of humanity vying to replace term-limited Council member Cherie Rodgers. It did little to separate the seven different candidates, only noting they all agree Joe Albi Stadium should not be sold to private interests and they're all against raising property taxes. I am going to hold off on making an endorsement for this race until I can see the League of Women Voters' candidate forum next weekend, but here is what I know about each candidate so far:

Steve Corker
*former councilman and failed mayoral candidate
*moderate-liberal, though generally labeled the "L" word by area Republicans

Daniel Day

Judith Gilmore
*former council candidate
*does not want to go after Jim West with torches and pitchforks--does that sound like a winning electoral strategy?

Barbara Lampert
*former candidate for everything
*retired nurse
*refuses to fundraise or spend anything on campaigns

Nancy McLaughlin
*active in community affairs, but this is her first run for office

Joyce McNamee
*water fluoridation advocate
*suspected Republican

Keith Springer

Conventional wisdom would give one of the two general election spots to Steve Corker based on name recognition in a crowded race. The other seat appears to be that of Nancy McLaughlin, who has been more active in the race so far than any other candidate, and has the endorsement of the county Republican Party.


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