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24 October 2005

Verner for victory

In the first of three installments on who I think should be chosen for each Spokane City Council seat up this November, I make the case for retaining appointed incumbent Mary Verner. In the one council race I'm able to vote in (and already have via absentee), I find Verner to be the preferred choice over challenger Dallas Hawkins.

Hawkins is a good candidate committed to fiscal responsibility and helping local business. That said, I'm always one to hold incumbents accountable for their performance in office, whether it be to vote to reelect or vote to defeat. This is why I have chosen to go with Ms. Verner. Her performance on the council over the past year and a half now has shown her to be a well-informed and well-reasoned councilmember. What I like most of all about the incumbent is her pragmatism, always taking time to think through an issue and looking to help city residents above all else. I love this common sense populism and not being beholden to one party, one ideology, or one cause. In short, Verner wins on her record more than any real or perceived shortcomings of her opponent.

Candidate Verner has broad support from fellow councilmembers, including council President Dennis Hession, Councilman Bob Apple, and outgoing Councilwoman Cherie Rodgers. Quite possibly her biggest supporter is former Congressional candidate Don Barbieri, another pragmatic Democrat.


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