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28 November 2005

Give this book a whirl, it's worth it

Today I received my copy of Dino Rossi's autobiography, "Dino Rossi: Lessons in Leadership, Business, Politics, and Life." Since then i've covered roughly 40% of the near-200 page book, and it has been somewhat surprisingly a very good read. I'm the type of person who doesn't read very often, and when I do, I'm rarely able to read much in one sitting. This wasn't the case with Dino's book, which is the most easily readable biography i've come across before. The book isn't long, lacks microscopic print, and has many photographs for added enjoyment. The theme is positive and upbeat, and focuses on lessons Dino has learned in his life. Compared to other biographies i've read of local pols, like Dixy Lee Ray and Henry M. Jackson, the content is relatively non-political and non-ideological. Regardless, if you're too partisan to throw Dino Rossi your money, try Payton Smith's bio of former Gov. Al Rosellini. It too is an entertaining and relatively easy read, but from the opposite side of the spectrum.


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