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12 November 2005

Past due election scorecard

I had meant to recap the predictions a couple days ago but got behind schedule. Broken down by each separate post:

Seattle record: 5-0
Others record: 6-2 (Corker, Sax)
King County record: 9-0
Overall: 20-2

I made a calculating error in that I forgot about the presence of Independent candidate Greg Stephens in the Sax-Somers race, a mistake because he made a major difference in the race. However, it was still a tough call to come up on the wrong end of. The only major miscalculation was the Corker-McLaughlin race, but that's the way it goes sometimes. I'm more than satisfied having correctly predicted 91% of the races.

As far as initiatives, I was a little disappointed in the result of most (authoritarian smoking ban, retention of gas tax), but was pleased to see the performance audit initiative pass so overwhelmingly, and that will hopefully play a part in making sure the gas tax dollars that are here to stay will be spent wisely. Now begins 2006.


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