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01 November 2005

New SurveyUSA poll shows volatile voter movement

A new SurveyUSA poll for the King County executive race shows incumbent Ron Sims now leads 48-41 over David Irons. This is a substantial swing from their prior poll and it has almost everything to do with women polled. In the prior poll, Sims won women by three points and now wins women by 21 points. Irons obviously hasn't done anything to piss off 18% of women in the past few days, so this is obviously an issue with the voter sample. My guess is that the true numbers lie somewhere in-between, and this poll had a sample favourable to Sims (the prior very well could have been the opposite). I'm ecstatic that Irons has a real opportunity to take this race, but if there's one thing i've learned about King County voters is to not get my hopes up about which way they'll go.


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