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06 December 2005

New AWB ratings

The Association of Washington Business has released their ratings for the 2005 legislative session, covering both houses of the legislature and the governor. Not surprisingly, the fiscal conservative sans fiscal conservatism governor scored a poor 31%, about average for the Democratic caucuses (in other words, she's a liberal Democrat like the rest so don't believe the moderate labels she pins on herself). Members out of the partisan mainstream include Sen. Tim Sheldon [D-Potlatch] at 95% and Sen. Bob Oke [R-Port Orchard] at 67% in the Senate, and Reps. Shirley Hankins [R-Richland] and Tom Campbell [R-Roy] with 75% and 59% on the low GOP end, and Derek Kilmer [D-Gig Harbor] and Tami Green [D-Lakewood] with 50% and 46% on the high Democratic end. This is noteworthy because this should help both position themselves as moderate/conservative Democrats in their swing districts (Green's being a GOP-leaner, even), both having won by very slim margins last year. Conventional wisdom would dictate that the Democrats will lose some of those closely-won seats next year, but this could be good news for two of the most marginal members of the House. It was a little surprising to see Dave Quall [D-Mount Vernon] and Jeff Morris [D-Guemes Island] in the middle of the partisan pack, given their history of being two of the most business-friendly Democrats in the legislature.


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