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02 December 2005

Turmoil in the 43rd, an update

In today's column, Joel Connelly gives us an update on what's going on with state Rep. Ed Murray [D-Seattle]. Murray had been openly considering challenging either state Sen. Pat Thibaudeau of his own legislative district or US Rep. Jim McDermott, and appears to have ruled out the McDermott challenge (unfortunately). However, he appears very serious about challenging Thibaudeau if she doesn't retire, and that would provide an entertaining Democratic primary next September, as well as potentially improving the Senate. Murray, while an avowed liberal Democrat, has spent his career admirably fighting for gay rights (he is openly gay) despite being repeatedly torpedoed by a markedly more conservative Senate. Having Murray in the Senate would not directly change the issue he's worked on throughout his legislative career, as Thibaudeau is also a strong gay rights supporter, but it could have an indirect effect with him sitting in the upper chamber. Who knows? When it comes to gay Democrats in the state legislature, i'm more of a Dave Upthegrove guy (more centrist on fiscal issues), but Murray would be an improvement over Thibaudeau.


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