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30 January 2006

Eyman sour grapes

Tim Eyman once again became the darling of Washington's right wing that can't get elected to statewide office in filing a referendum bent on overturning the recently-passed gay rights bill. I'm not surprised, and not to be overconfident, but I think this state would sooner elect Doc Hastings to the US Senate than overturn this infant law. In the lead-up to the vote this year, most news sources cited polls showing strong support of passage statewide, and I only expect that to grow stronger the longer it stands on the books. Bring it, initiative boy.


At 9:43 PM, Blogger Will said...

Note to Tim Eyman:

Buddy, everybody loves cutting their own taxes, but you've gone too far this time.

Your new initiative reinstates legal discrimination against gays and lesbians. Do you want to go down like this? There are a lot of moderate folks who always liked you (at least some of the time), but now you've gone social-conservative on us. That's a new one for you, Tim!

Take some advice from an urban liberal: stick to initiatives even the Seattle Times likes (I-900) or initiatives that feed off of the people's worst fears of their government (I-695, and basically the rest of them).

Your urban liberal buddy,


PS: I know it hurts that you missed out being a part of that whole I-912 thing, so maybe this is your attempt to get back into the spotlight. Heck, even GOP hack Randy Pepple wants you to disappear!


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