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19 January 2006

Legislative endorsements -- second round

Adding ten more candidacies worthy of support this fall, five for each party.

1. Rep. Glenn Anderson [R-Fall City]
2. Sen. Tracey Eide [D-Federal Way]
3. Sen. Bill Finkbeiner [R-Kirkland]
4. Sen. Ken Jacobsen [D-Seattle]
5. Rep. Kelli Linville [D-Bellingham]
6. Rep. Ed Murray [D-Seattle]
7. Rep. Toby Nixon [R-Kirkland]
8. Rep. Ed Orcutt [R-Kalama]
9. Rep. Jan Shabro [R-Bonney Lake]
10. Rep. Helen Sommers [D-Seattle]

The story is mostly the same, the Democrats here are fair-minded mainstream liberals less-beholden to interest groups (see Woldt v. Sommers, 2004). The Republicans are social moderates and liberals who are willing to break with their party's evangelical wing some of the time. Outside these definitions are Murray and Orcutt, both on opposite sides of the ideological spectrum but both passionate and outspoken on issues of their choice (gay rights for Murray, limited government for Orcutt). These two irk me part of the time, but still worthy of support. Besides, who could possibly be more fun to watch ranting about overspending on TV-W than Mad Ed?


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Will said...

Rep. Toby Nixon [R-Kirkland] and Rep. Glenn Anderson [R-Fall City] both voted 'nay' on today's civil rights bill. Do they still get to be moderates? Rep. Jan Shabro [R-Bonney Lake] voted 'yea'. Good for her.

It is interesting to note that Nixon represents the 45th LD, same as Finkbeiner. He's moderate on other stuff. I don't know why he voted that way.

At 10:38 PM, Blogger TMW said...

What was most disappointing about Nixon is he voted for the bill last year. I never really expected Anderson to, he's moderate elsewhere, but has never been on equal rights. I think Nixon is the only rep to change from last year (assuming so since it passed with 61 last year and 60 this year), and I'm curious as to why he flipped. Let's just hope nobody in the Senate does that (Sen. Rasmussen, notably).

At 10:56 PM, Blogger Will said...

Sen. Lisa Brown is pushing for a vote as soon as possible. Rep. Ed Murray is keeping the champagne on ice until it is official. I'm really curious to see how many GOP senators flip this time, knowing it'll pass. I'd actually be suprised if any of them flip (besides the previously mentioned Finkbeiner).

At 10:09 AM, Blogger TMW said...

I am looking forward to that as well. It might be in Dave Schmidt's best interest to flip so he has a stronger claim to the political center, and given that his district is Democratic-leaning, he needs all the moderation he can get. I'd include Luke Esser in that except he probably won't have reelection problems unless Ross Hunter jumps (please). On the Democratic side, I could theoretically see Tim Sheldon flip, but I tend to think Jim Hargrove is too much of a Dixiecrat to.


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