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21 January 2006

Not going down this road again

Seems that the city of Spokane doesn't want any more ethically-challenged executives in the future -- the city council recently approved a new ordinance placing members of the city's government under a seven-member ethics committee, with the aim of putting a speedy end to any misuse of office by future city employees. It specifically bars using one's office for personal benefit.


At 9:25 PM, Blogger Will said...

No kidding! Seattle's gay elected officials (Rep. Ed Murray, CC Tom Rasmussen) are both out of the closet, both relatively boring, and ethically sound. It is sooo boring. We have people like non-gay city councilmembers like Richard McIver having his $8 lunch paid for by a lobbyist, forcing McIver to pay a fine. Even our corruption is boring.

At 10:46 PM, Blogger TMW said...

And conservatives claim that liberals are the unethical group. Then again, the article says you guys already had that kind of ordinance on the books, so maybe our guys will be as un-sleazy as yours soon.

To be honest, the Council is a lot better than it was five years ago. We got rid of a lot of the weirdos and nuts and packed it with mostly respectable people. West kind of overshadowed that, but now we can get back to normal.


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