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03 February 2006

Washington Government -- the movie

A friend in Seattle showed me this website today, which has a fun thing where you can upload a photo and it matches the person in the photo to a huge database of celebrities from many different occupations based on looks, facial structure, and stuff like that. It isn't foolproof, but there is something to it -- upon uploading a handful of celebrity photos from my hard drive, it matched Tony Blair and Vicente Fox with the #1 pick, and Sean Connery with the #2 pick -- and that gave me the idea to nerd it up and present the cast for a fake film about our state and local political figures. The best match: Graham Chapman as Patty Murray. No bullshit. State Sen. Mark Doumit was also pretty accurate.

2005 matchups
County Exec. Jomo "Ron Sims" Kenyatta [D] vs. County Councilman Kevin "David Irons" Costner [R]
County Councilman Lance "Bob Ferguson" Armstrong [D] vs. County Councilwoman Annette "Carolyn Edmonds" Bening [D]

2006 matchups
Sen. Meryl "Maria Cantwell" Streep [D] vs. Matthew "Mike McGavick" Perry [R]
Rep. Martin "Dave Reichert" Scorsese [R] vs. Sharon "Darcy Burner" Stone [D]

And, you wanted to know -- Gov. Julie "Chris Gregoire" Andrews [D] in a rematch against John "Dino Rossi" Travolta [R].


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