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16 April 2006

26th gets messier

According to the News Tribune, a second Republican has entered the 26th Senate district primary. Jim Hines, an advocate of tougher sex crime laws, announced his intent to replace retiring Sen. Bob Oke [R-Port Orchard], but will first have to beat former Rep. Lois McMahan [R-Gig Harbor] for the GOP nomination. Given the late start and name recognition, I still give the edge to McMahan, though Hines does have Oke and former Rep. Tom Huff [R-Gig Harbor] among his supporters.

In the end, I believe this only benefits the candidacy of Democrat Derek Kilmer (whom I personally support for the office), in that McMahan no longer has the nomination wrapped up and given the primary is still in late September will have to spend maximum effort in winning the nomination before ever facing Kilmer. Hines, I expect, will be easier work due to his lack of name recognition and likely lack of funds due to the late start. This race just went from somewhere between a toss-up and a slight Democratic leaner to a definite Democratic lean.


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