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06 April 2006

GOP runs contrary to state law

In an effort to consolidate its power even more in the wake of the federal court overturning Initiative 872, the state GOP passed a rule forcing candidates wishing to run as a Republican to earn 25% of convention delegates in order to appear in the Republican primary. This runs contrary to state law candidacy requirements of being a resident of the district and a registered voter, and should be challenged and overturned by state courts.

As a supporter of open primaries and somebody who is reasonably centrist, I oppose such requirements meant to limit candidacies. In short, a candidate who holds positions towards the moderate end of their party could be blackballed in a convention dominated by polar liberals or conservatives. This forces voters to choose lessers of two evils to an even greater extent when most would rather pick somebody in-between. The thing I liked most about the blanket primary was that the power was held by the independent-minded and not by parties, and this development undermines candidate and voter rights by moving power even more towards the smoke-filled rooms of the past.


At 10:33 PM, Blogger Will said...


Now that you are on the westside, you should head up to Seattle for Drinking Liberally (I know, you're not a liberal, but we don't care, and you can meet some other bloggers.)

At 8:19 AM, Blogger TMW said...

Thanks for the invite. I may have to do that sometime although I generally go to bars rarely. I'm actually up in Belltown at the moment due to delays in being able to move into my new place, thank God for that kick-ass French bakery on 4th in-between daily runs to Federal Way and back.


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