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06 June 2006

We need not even fight

Despite the Right's blatant politization of Sunday church services in a last-minute drive to turn back the clock on basic life protections, Tim Eyman failed to gather enough signatures to get Referendumb 65 on the fall ballot. He claims to have 105,103 signatures, with 112,440 required (still far short of what would be needed to correct for ineligible signers). Part of me is still sad that a good 50,000 voters legally signed this, but hell, this is truly a day to celebrate in that we won't even have to expend any additional resources to fight.

All along I was skeptical of Ref. 65's chances at the ballot box (society has come a long way since 1997, and this time the law was already passed), but the one ace in the hole for the opposition I could forsee was a favourable state Supreme Court decision on our "Defense of Marriage Act." I feared that if the Court did the right thing in throwing out that piece of garbage that the Religious Right may have been further galvanized in their opposition and it would be possible for ESHB2661 to be overturned. Because of this, now the Court can rule with less fear of retribution when they finally do rule on DOMA. Justices Alexander and Owens may have something to worry about considering their conservative opposition, but most would agree both are likely favoured as-is.


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