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29 June 2006

What's new, Snohomish County?

Two campaigns, that's what. In the latest legislative entry, Marysville Republican Kimberly Halvorson is taking another run at super-liberal Rep. John McCoy [D-Tulalip]. Halvorson made a respectable run at McCoy in 2004, taking 46% of the vote in the solidly-Democratic 38th (at the same time, Mike Sells won the open House seat by 15 points and Jean Berkey took the open Senate seat by 30 points). Although the seat is a likely retention, Republicans could do far worse. The last time a Republican won in the 38th was Gary Strannigan in 1994, and even that was by a thin margin.

In local news, Snohomish County Sheriff Rick Bart has announced his campaign for county executive in 2007. He will most likely face incumbent Democrat Aaron Reardon, of Everett. Reardon narrowly defeated then-Edmonds City Councilman Dave Earling for his first term in 2003 and represented the 38th district in the House and Senate previously. He is a moderate Democrat that should be favoured for reelection, but Bart is a potentially-strong challenger who has been elected countywide three times, so this will be one to watch next year.


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