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19 June 2006

Early SEAMEC endorsements

I received an email this morning from SEAMEC, a major Seattle-based gay rights advocacy group, announcing early endorsements in three of our legislative races. Ed Murray easily won their recurring endorsement for the 43rd district Senate race, earning an overall rating of 5 out of 5 and scoring an A in all five issue interviews -- Equality, Marriage, Families, Healthcare, Awareness. They also endorsed Rodney Tom in the 48th district Senate race as they had in his 2004 House reelection campaign, with an overall score of 4 and earning an A in all five issue categories. Opponent Luke Esser earned an overall score of 0 and refused the interview. Most interesting are their endorsements and ratings for the open 43rd district House race, where they issued a dual endorsement of Democrats Lynne Dodson and Jamie Pedersen. They explain that their personal advocacy of the gay rights cause earned them the endorsement over the other candidates, who all scored well on the interview. The candidates with their ratings and interview scores are below.

Jamie Pedersen 5 AABAA
Lynne Dodson 5 AAABB
Dick Kelley 4 AAABA
Bill Sherman 3 AAAAA
Jim Street 3 AAAAA
Stephanie Pure 3 ABBBB


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