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17 June 2006

2005-6 Washington Conservation Voters scorecard [PDF]

I had meant to cover this earlier in the month when it actually came out (WCV was a bit late with their May release goal), but WCV has released their scorecards for the 2005-6 legislature. With Democrats in control, the bulk of their caucus raised their scores since 2003-4, most likely due to the GOP not bringing up more divisive environmental bills/amendments. Here's the breakdown:

2005 Legislator of the Year: Sen. Erik Poulsen [D-Seattle]
2006 Legislator of the Year: Sen. Craig Pridemore [D-Vancouver]

House Environmental Champions: Frank Chopp, Hans Dunshee, Sam Hunt, Ross Hunter, Fred Jarrett [R], Ed Murray, Skip Priest [R], Geoff Simpson, Brian Sullivan.

House Out of Step: Jim Buck, Jim Dunn, Doug Ericksen, Bev Woods.

Senate Environmental Champions: Lisa Brown, Bill Finkbeiner [R], Karen Fraser, Jim Hargrove, Debbie Regala, Phil Rockefeller.

Senate Out of Step: Stephen Johnson, Cheryl Pflug, Tim Sheldon [D].

As usual, WCV goes after what they consider vulnerable legislators for their Out of Step list -- usually Republicans who are in a district with at least one other Democrat elected. The sole exception is Sen. Tim Sheldon [D, purportedly], whose rating is worse than many Republicans. WCV were successful in bouncing "out of step" legislators Jim Horn and Jack Cairnes in 2004, and are jonesing to do it again this fall. The floor for Republicans in both houses was 0% and the ceiling for Democrats in both houses was 100%. Below are the exceptions to the rule -- the usual independent-minded suspects who score at the opposite end of their caucus on interest group rating sheets, mixed between the houses just for the hell of it:

High Republicans:
1. Sen. Dave Schmidt 91
2. Rep. Fred Jarrett 85
3. Sen. Bill Finkbeiner 83
4. Rep. Tom Campbell 77
5. Sen. Luke Esser 75
5. Sen. Dan Swecker 75
7. Rep. Skip Priest 69
7. Rep. Rodney Tom 69

Low Democrats
1. Sen. Tim Sheldon 25
2. Rep. Brian Blake 62
3. Rep. Lynn Kessler 77
4. Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen 82
4. Sen. Jim Hargrove 82


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