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20 June 2006

KCC votes to approve mandatory all-mail elections

This is slightly disappointing for me, not in that I had any illusions that Dean Logan's departure would change their mind, but on a party-line vote the King County Council has voted to authorize a switch to all-mail voting, with a provision extending the start date until all key elements are in place. Councilman Bob Ferguson [D-Seattle] introduced the amendment mandating that the switch cannot be implemented until the county hires a new elections director and elections superintendent, among other things outlined in the article. Bob is on the ball even though I disagree with his overall vote.

I had an opportunity to vote on a similar measure in Spokane County last fall, one that easily passed despite my vote against it. While I am and have always been a permanent absentee voter, I sympathize with those who disagree and prefer to vote at polling stations on election day. Freedom of choice in this matter is why I oppose any county mandating one form or the other, regardless of my personal view that absentee voting is preferable. Because of this, I applaud the Republican minority on the Council for its opposition, even if their motives are different than mine.


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