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20 June 2006

New legislative entries, 14th and 30th districts

Yakima City Councilman Ron Bonlender [D] has filed for a 14th district House race this fall. A Yakima Herald article from earlier in the month that came following his announcement says he has yet to decide which seat to run for, and is likely waiting on the governor's appointment to the Eastern Washington Growth Management Hearings Board, which Sen. Alex Deccio is purportedly jonesing for. Honestly, I don't know why Gregoire would appoint Deccio, considering the current board includes former Democratic Rep. Dennis Dellwo and former Democratic Spokane County Commissioner and overall bitching cool guy John Roskelley. In the event that Deccio is appointed, Rep. Jim Clements is likely to pursue the appointment to Deccio's Senate seat, which is not up again until 2008. In that event, Bonlender will have an open House seat to run for, which, given the district's strong Republican lean, would be just about the only feasible way he could win. Running against either of the current state reps would be a very difficult task, but given his election to Yakima municipal office, in the right circumstances he could have a chance at an open seat battle.

In other news, Federal Way realtor Anatoly Kalchik has filed to run against four-term Democrat Mark Miloscia in my district, the 30th. Miloscia defeated Republican Tony Moore with about 55% of the vote in 2004, and despite the 30th's swing district status, he has consistently won his campaigns by 10-15% of the vote. Considering he has defeated then-Federal Way Councilman and current seatmate Skip Priest as well as current Federal Way Councilman Jim Ferrell in his four campaigns, Kalchik will have a tough battle on his hands to topple the moderately-liberal Miloscia. Priest has yet to field a Democratic challenger in the other House seat, and Democratic Sen. Tracey Eide is being challenged by Republican Renee Maher.


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