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11 July 2006

14th race likely to get more crowded

Four more candidates are publicly mulling runs for the seat vacated by Rep. Jim Clements [R-Selah], in addition to the two already in the race. This seems to be quickly turning into the GOP's 43rd, except with just a solidly partisan electorate instead of an ultra-safe partisan electorate. The four mentioned by the Yakima Herald are:

-Jim Keightley, a police officer in Yakima
-Sandra Belzer Swanson, an "anti-tax activist" who recently lost a local race
-John Tierney, Yakima GOP Chair
-Susan Whitman, member of the Yakima City Council

If you thought you recognized Tierney, like I did, it's probably because of US Rep. John Tierney [D-Massachusetts]. Seems to me if Tierney and Whitman both jump in this race they would be the favourites. Charles Ross has the support of Clements and Glen Blomgren has the support of Rob McKenna, but between Tierney's party ties and Whitman's municipal office ties, one would suspect them to jump to the front of the list.

In the other House seat, incumbent Rep. Mary Skinner [R-Yakima] has an opponent in Democrat Don Hinman. Skinner defeated Hinman for reelection in 2004 by a 65-35 margin.


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