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10 July 2006

Indy likely on general election ballot vs. McDermott

I received an email from the Linnea Noreen for Congress campaign today following a question I sent if they had gathered sufficient signatures to appear on the November ballot against Rep. Jim McDermott. The campaign replied that they have 1,457 signatures and 1,000 are required, so it is likely Noreen will have ballot access, though the Secretary of State has yet to verify the signatures.

I don't recall saying much about McDermott here before, but in short, I cannot stand him and find his attention-seeking antics an embarassment. I support Linnea Noreen as she is a libertarian-leaning candidate who can express her views of fiscal responsibility without compromising on our socially-permissive preferences. Though I have little doubt McD will win reelection, I am confident that Noreen would, if elected, have a moderate, fiscally-responsible record similar to that of Rep. Adam Smith. I wish the Noreen campaign the best of luck this November.


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