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04 July 2006

Rounding out June's polls

I'm a couple days behind, but Strategic Vision released its poll June 30 and I didn't note the monthly SurveyUSA numbers when they came out. SV has Maria Cantwell winning 47-43 over Mike McGavick, take that for what it's worth (though it is not that different from the last Rasmussen Reports poll), and gave the incumbent a 47/38 approval/disapproval rating for the month. That beats SurveyUSA's 48/43 marks.

On the home front, SV had Chris Gregoire rating at 39/49 and the legislature at 40/47. She took a hit on SurveyUSA, which actually had a rare net approval in May, in scoring 45 approve v. 50 disapprove.

One thing that I'm a bit surprised at, as usual, is the age demographic breakdown on SurveyUSA. They consistently show older respondents are the most pleased with the state's Democratic officeholders (since that's all we have to judge now), and that decreases down to the youngest age group which disapproves of them the most. For all the talk that the King County crescent is trending Democratic with population growth and that it's the liberal areas of the state gaining population and the conservative areas losing population, this seems to directly contradict all else we've been led to believe lately. It should be interesting to see how the state may or may not change in the next ten years.


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