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02 September 2006

McGavick gaffe blows up in face

I did not care one iota about US Senate candidate Mike McGavick's admission to a 1993 drunk driving arrest, and took all the Democratic potshots at him in the aftermath to be a cheap and pointless attack. However, as reports surface that McGavick's supposedly forthcoming story about that night were sugarcoated, this could and should become a real scandal. Larry Sabato, perhaps the nation's foremost elections analyst, was quoted in today's P-I as saying:

"If you're going to go the confession route in politics, make sure it's a full and accurate confession...Otherwise, you're defeating your own purpose and you're going to create a second spate of worse stories, which is exactly what (McGavick) has done."

Sabato is 100% correct. Barring any unforseen gaffes, Maria Cantwell should not have to worry about not being reelected anymore.


At 9:14 PM, Blogger thehim said...

This was a serious head-scratcher. I don't think McGavick is that stupid, so I can only imagine that he thought there would be no way for the actual report to surface. But yeah, he's even taking a beating for this by some folks in the Sound Politics comment threads. Ouch.


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