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05 September 2006

Murray endorses Jamie Pedersen, nomination assured?

Sen.-in-waiting Ed Murray has apparently changed his mind on staying neutral in the Democratic primary to replace him in the House and has endorsed gay rights attorney Jamie Pedersen, The Stranger reports. As one might guess, the Supreme Court's dumbassed DOMA ruling led him to support Pedersen among the six pro-gay rights Democrats pursuing the seat.

The question is, will this endorsement be a deciding factor for Pedersen in the primary? I had been predicting a slight Pedersen victory since the onset due to his consistently dominant fundraising efforts, but this might just be enough to put him over the top. Hell, he might only need 25% to win. Perhaps if Jim Street can grab the Times endorsement to add to his P-I endorsement he can take a stab at the win, but it will be even more difficult for any of the others to win after this.


At 2:35 PM, Blogger Willis said...

Sherman got the Times endorsement today.

At 7:43 AM, Blogger TMW said...

Yeah, no runaway for anybody, I suppose. Still got my would-be money on Pedersen, maybe 28%? I'm not even going to try to predict a place finish.


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