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15 September 2006

Profile: 35th Senate - Democrats

This race is revenge for Democrats -- revenge for a conservative voting record; revenge for teaming with Republicans and accepting their committee chairmanships; revenge for open support in 2004 of President Bush, Dino Rossi, Rob McKenna, Sam Reed, and Doug Sutherland; revenge for defeating a Democrat-endorsed county commission candidate as an Independent -- and perhaps the time is finally ripe for knocking Senator Tim Sheldon out of the Senate Democratic Caucus. The primary is right, but I'm not so sure the challenger is.

Kyle Taylor Lucas is an outspoken liberal and served two years as Gov. Locke's Director of Indian Affairs. A capable and qualified candidate for sure, but given her trouble raising money and lack of a marquee Republican primary in the district I suspect Sheldon to hold on. While many Democrats detest him, moderate and conservative Democrats support him in addition to Republicans and Independents. While it is not entirely applicable to the current situation on account of different primaries and election types, one must note the last time Sheldon was in a primary against a liberal Democrat: Lena Swanson, in 1997. Swanson had earned a Senate appointment over Sheldon and in the special election primary he earned 50% to her 32% despite Republican and Reform candidates also in the race.

Prediction: Sheldon Solid


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