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10 October 2006

Seven of seven governors can't be wrong?

That's what today's Seattle Times essentially asks as its lead article in the Local section, as it reports on a news conference featuring Gov. Chris Gregoire and three former governors speaking out against Initiative 933. Democratic Govs. Gary Locke and Mike Lowry joined GOP elder statesman and ideological badass Dan Evans at the conference, and also read statements by our other three living former governors, Democrats Al Rosellini and Booth Gardner, and Republican John Spellman.

I-933 seeks to force government to reimburse property owners monetarily if government regulations cause their property value to decrease. Oregon passed a ballot measure that is sort of similar in 2004 with 61% of the vote, over the protest of its current and ex-governors. Robert Mak did a grand job of covering I-933 and its similarities/differences from the Oregon measure in Sunday's installment of Up Front.


At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Jack Smith said...

7 to 0 is enough for me. If the living governors of mixed political are agaist I-933 that is good enough for most people. That list has to have some governors to trust. I'll trust them all and vot NO! on Initiate 933. Even without the Govs my thumbs are down.

At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be supporting it as a Libertarian, because protecting private property is gov. original intent.
Government has gone to far in controlling other people's property, if people pollute then make them pay.
Regulating everybody's business on private property is an outrage to the principles of liberty and our country.


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