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06 November 2006

House election prediction

In the final coverage I intend to do until votes begin to be counted, the following is my predictions and commentary on what I believe to be our twenty most closely-contested state House races. These are more difficult to call than the Senate predictions, as a result of more contests and generally less coverage in the mainstream media. However, I gave it my best shot, and as always, feedback is welcome and appreciated. Unfortunately, due to time constraints I won't have time to write a paragraph for each race or upload pictures. I need to get some sleep before waking up to watch returns tonight.

1. 24th District:
Kevin Van De Wege [D] 53%
Jim Buck [R] 47%

2. 23rd District:
Christine Rolfes [D] 51%
Beverly Woods [R] 49%

3. 28th District #2:
Tami Green [D] 51%
Bob Lawrence [R] 49%

4. 31st District #2:
Jan Shabro [R] 51%
Christopher Hurst [D] 49%

5. 26th District #1:
Pat Lantz [D] 53%
Beckie Krantz [R] 47%

6. 45th District #1:
Jeff Possinger [R] 53%
Roger Goodman [D] 47%

7. 17th District #1:
Jim Dunn [R] 54%
Pat Campbell [D] 46%

8. 14th District:
Charles Ross [R] 54%
Ron Bonlender [D] 46%

9. 48th District:
Deb Eddy [D] 54%
Bret Olson [R] 46%

10. 35th District:
Bill Eickmeyer [D] 54%
Randy Neatherlin [R] 46%

11. 45th District #2:
Larry Springer [D] 55%
Tim Lee [R] 45%

12. 17th District #2:
Deb Wallace [D] 55%
Paul Harris [R] 45%

13. 28th District #1:
Don Anderson [R] 55%
Troy Kelley [D] 45%

14. 6th District:
Jon Serben [R] 56%
Don Barlow [D] 44%

15. 26th District #2:
Larry Seaquist [D] 56%
Ron Boehme [R] 44%

16. 42nd District:
Doug Ericksen [R] 56%
Jasper Macslarrow [D] 44%

17. 31st District #1:
Dan Roach [R] 57%
Karen Willard [D] 43%

18. 47th District #2:
Pat Sullivan [D] 57%
Andrew Franz [R] 43%

19. 47th District #1:
Geoff Simpson [D] 58%
Donna Watts [R] 42%

20. 38th District:
John McCoy [D] 59%
Kim Halvorson [R] 41%

Again, I apologize for being unable to explain how I came to these conclusions at this time. Considering that many of these races are localized, I think any of the predicted losers of these 20 races could feasibly win in the end, if the ball bounces correctly for their campaign.


At 11:57 AM, Anonymous paco and taco said...

Please check 47th district, position 2 = his name is Sullivan, not Campbell...

At 12:00 PM, Blogger TMW said...

Whoops, a bit of repetition from the 17th district. Thanks for catching that.


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