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11 November 2006

Dunn pulls ahead in 17th

Via The Columbian via a heads-up from Jack Burkman, incumbent Rep. Jim Dunn [R] has taken a small lead over surprise Democratic challenger Pat Campbell. Campbell had held a small lead up until now, and still shows a lead at the Secretary of State website, though the article cites numbers with about 5,000 more votes counted than the latest update with the Secretary of State. Dunn is a perennially-endangered legislator and has lost reelection in the past. He was likely to lose this year, as far as I had predicted, to Mr. Burkman before Campbell won the Democratic primary as a result of Republican crossovers. If Dunn does indeed hold on as the article predicts, I hope to see him defeated in 2008 after a history of being an ineffective legislator and having a very conservative voting record.


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