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09 November 2006

Democrats back in Spokane

I just wanted to make a quick post here about the apparent Democratic resurgence in Spokane County. While I think much of it probably has to do with trickle-down from major races where Republicans are unpopular, there is something to be said for their success in their own right. I had already pointed out that soon-to-be Sen. Chris Marr had busted history in the jaw in Ross Hunter-like fashion, but aside from that we also saw Maria Cantwell win Spokane in her reelection campaign, Don Barlow currently leading John Serben for Spokane's suburban state House seat, and Democrats winning all the county offices they seriously contested, and perhaps one they did not so seriously contest. This is what happened in the county office races:

Commissioner: Bonnie Mager beats senior GOP Commissioner Phil Harris 53-47.
Assessor: Judy Personett leads incumbent Assessor Ralph Baker 50.3-49.7%, when she was not expected to seriously contest for the seat.
Auditor: Incumbent Democrat Vicky Dalton wins with 2/3 of the vote.
Clerk: Incumbent Republican Thomas Fallquist wins unopposed.
Prosecutor: Incumbent Republican Steve Tucker wins easily.
Sheriff: Incumbent Republican Ozzie Knezovich wins easily.
Treasurer: Former Commissioner Skip Chilberg makes comeback over Republican Bob Wrigley, 58-42.

Considering that the Democratic candidates in the prosucuting attorney and sheriff races were sacrificial lambs, they were able to win all the spots they really targeted, and I'm very surprised to see Personett on the verge of victory in the assessor race. This newfound success won't last, but in the short term Spokane Democrats can finally celebrate.


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