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11 April 2007

Nobles files for Seattle City Council

Monorail board member Jim Nobles has filed for the Seattle City Council, joining a mash of candidates after the seat being vacated by Peter Steinbrueck. Best known as the only Republican currently elected to office in Seattle (albeit for a nonpartisan office), Nobles' entry is significant not only in that he offers the GOP a credible candidate in Seattle, but also in that he makes no attempt to hide his affiliation (he also ran in the GOP primary for lieutenant governor in 2004).

Also running for the open seat are Bruce Harrell, former Councilman John Manning, and Venus Velázquez. Carrie Shriver had filed for the seat but has since reneged. Last week's issue of The Stranger speculated that several others, including very liberal Rep. Phyllis Kenney, may soon enter the race (or any of the other four seats on the ballot). Odd as it may seem, Nobles likely stands as good a shot as any of the others currently in the race. In a divided primary, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see him make the top two spots, though a scenario where he could win the general election matchup just isn't feasible at the current time.

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