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27 October 2005

Content with Corker

For Spokane's third council district, I find former Councilman Steve Corker the preferable choice over right-wing activist Nancy McLaughlin. Part of me is hesitant to seek to return Corker to the council he so notably feuded on during his previous tenure, but i'm even more hesitant to throw somebody as conservative as McLaughlin on the council.

McLaughlin irks me for three main reasons: 1) she talks a far too socially-conservative game; 2) her campaign platform is boring and played, for instance, bitching about crime "problems" in Spokane of all places; 3) she appears so beholden to cutting taxes and business interests that while in moderation these are not a bad thing, I'm skeptical at her ability to avoid going overboard and straining ties with more moderate councilmembers.

Steve Corker has experience in city government and, while he is a Democrat, is far from beholden to his partisan allies following his career in city government (see his mayoral run, for example). Corker is clearly the more pragmatic choice for this office, and is also the more moderate choice.


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