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28 October 2005

PI endorsement: Sims blows, but reelect anyway

Yet another endorsement of brilliance emanating from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer! After knocking Ron Sims for screwing up King County government, they endorse him for a third term despite proving more of why not to vote for him than why not to vote for David Irons. Their best? Irons might be a conservative. He won't get trapped in by the Democratic machine's attempts to pigeonhole him on divisive social issues, so he simply isn't fit for office. Much to the PI's and Democratic machine's chagrin, Irons is using the Dino Rossi strategy and it's paying even more dividends because, from what I can tell, Irons is not as socially conservative as Rossi is. Personally, if I were a King County resident, I wouldn't even give a damn if Irons is a social right-winger because Ron Sims is such an obtuse, loquacious jackoff who has done naught to deserve another four years to screw over county residents with his inept leadership and kowtowing to the Seattle machine.


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