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11 June 2006

This week's CounterIntel

Dan Savage has perhaps never made more sense. In highlighting gay marriage-supporting Seattle liberals' fascination with the race for Ed Murray's seat despite that all Democrats are in agreement on the issue, Savage suggests paying attention to the brewing Luke Esser-Rodney Tom race. Given the same Seattle liberal infatuation with Darcy Burner's campaign against Dave Reichert (a gay rights moderate), one would think that such a clear-cut anti/pro matchup as Esser-Tom would be more attractive for Seattle activists.

Let's face it, with all the time the Supreme Court has taken on the DOMA challenge, the most likely option is they're going to pass the buck to the legislature. That isn't a sure thing, but as far as I can tell, it's the most likely result. The House membership doesn't have a problem with passing gay rights legislation by decent numbers. Not only do Democrats have a larger majority there, but the House has, horror of horrors, some socially-moderate Republicans that supported such legislation. The Senate is the problem, and the 48th is a clear matchup against two legislators with well-known voting records on the issue. Gay rights advocates have more to gain by throwing money to Rodney Tom than stewing over which pro-gay candidate will win the Democratic primary in the 43rd or if Burner can beat the reasonable Reichert.


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