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15 July 2006

It's official: three third party candidates in Senate race

Three third party candidates turned in at least 1,000 signatures in order to appear on the November ballot for US Senate. In addition to Green Party candidate Aaron Dixon and Libertarian Party candidate Bruce Guthrie, an Independent named Robin Adair also qualified. I was unable to find any information on Adair online, so if anybody can enlighten me at all on him/her, I would appreciate it.

Upon reading the latest post at Postman's, former Kent City Councilman Bruce White is jumping in the 8th Congressional district race as a Libertarian. White served a single term on the Council before losing last year's mayoral race in the primary. This development may well aid Darcy Burner, but it's too early to tell.


At 10:33 AM, Blogger jmills said...

Yes. A complete mystery candidate.

The Secretary of State won't release her petitions for inspection so maybe she did, maybe she didn't, collect enough signatures. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't, collect during the appropriate time.

I guess the same is true of Guthrie or Dixon, but lots of people saw their supporters at Pride Fair in Seattle and other places.

On this, I think we all just have to trust Sam Reed because no one gets to review the petitions.

Still, it's odd to imagine that Robin Adair did all the hard work to gather the signatures (a real pain) then runs a completely "stealth" campaign. Sort of like Tim Eyman showing up with all the signatures for an initiative and saying "Not interested in talking to the press. Nope, no website. No interviews with any media types. I just want to file these and sit quietly for the election."


J. Mills (working on Guthrie's campaign)

At 8:52 PM, Blogger TMW said...

Yes, it's curious how a statewide candidate could collect sufficient signatures yet have nobody know anything about them. You have a step up on me solely by knowing the gender. Something tells me we'll be left in the dark up until the end, she probably won't even send voter guide information.

At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Robin Adair. You should do your homework and not
gossip. The Postman got it wrong and all of you have aped him ever since. Get a clue. Have had website since June -- three words-- can you guess what a Senate candidate might use? FYI -- all U S Senate candidates have filed full information with the FEC, Secretary of U S Senate, and Wa. State Sec of State's office. duh!

At 9:03 AM, Blogger TMW said...

I'm not in the business of insulting political candidates, but since I doubt validity here I suggest you spend more time on your "campaign" and not Googling yourself so you can bellyache on random weblog posts from three months ago about your lack of credibility. I not-so-sincerely apologize for not finding your site in July, and also on the behalf of Google and "The Postman" for the same reason.

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous ROBIN ADAIR said...

I am SHE again -- if this website is three months old why is it still on Google have nothing better?? It is what everyone get who Goggles my name -- you should
take it down or amend it: it makes Bruce look bad. You gripe about how hard it was to collect 1000 signatures -- it's clear you have never worked on a School Levy or any large volunteer project !! How are you qualified to comment on candidates at all? I talked with Travis about this last month -- good man ! We scheduled our signature collecting for all 8 days, all day at 3 locations each day. And of course that took no volunteers at all : i simultaneously appeared at all locations all day each day ! Bruce is outstanding ! We will enjoy "solving" some more of the economy when this race is over. Did you
figure out my website yet ? Really hard : 3 words .
Being snide and throwing the ball back and forth with a
schill has both your voices adolescently sqeaking ! LOOK - YOU HAVE A CHANCE ON A GOOD SITE TO DO
Robin Adair.

At 7:21 PM, Blogger TMW said...

The only person being snide is you, who took offense at some grand conspiracy that neither I nor David Postman has any stake in. I'm qualified to comment about candidates because of a thing called the first amendment to the United States Constitution, as a candidate for federal office you should be familiar with the document.

I agree that Bruce is a good man, and would be a fine senator. That is why he got my vote. I have not "sniped" at you or Bruce, or any candidate for that matter. It is you who chose to post rude comments here in apparent defense of yourself when you were not even attacked. Such behaviour is not that of a qualified candidate for office, but an attention-seeking fringe candidate. I've had professional relations with multiple candidates for office via this weblog, and you are the only one who has not carried themselves with respect and in-turn I have returned the favour. I do appreciate having earned a place in the first full paragraph of your website. Far better than being 47 page down clicks where nobody would ever bother to read. By the way, I'm not a teenager. If you had done your homework and clicked on my profile you would have known. "duh!"

In all seriousness, I reiterate that as a candidate for federal office, you ought to spend more time campaigning than picking fights on weblogs over news items that do not attack you.

At 1:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just wrote a wonderful apology and explained both my
experiences in being a candidate, and in learning about the limitations of Web Storage .

And I realized that you did not know that anything with my name on it -- no matter how old -- will pop up. That's how you first met me -- outraged! And it has taken four, five? "entries" to get to this point...complete with both of us being quoted unkindly !

It is a clear example of my inexperience with Blogs ---and your inexperieince with someone like me, so inexperienced. So I apoligize again !

The unavoidable Problems which plague computer
dialog ---
Tonight I have tried to "publish" a letter to you better than this one -- and encountered a registration which i had to complete about 9 times -- trying everything
i could think of be accepted -- and IT just wiped me out and erased the whole message, and even wiped me off the Web --and when I re-entered I was given a welcome in my own name which even told me I could sign in "as a different user" if I wished! Boy, I wouldn't try THAT again. I am intent on success here--not another electronic disaster!

This isn't your responsibility, but it certainly discourages
a new User!

EVEN AFTER I HAD BECOME A "REGULAR" AT DRINKING LIBERALLY (I was sent to see a New Phenomena by a friend who knew about it ) -- I had no idea most of my fellows were Bloggers. I had continuted to fail more in getting media attention, It was after the KUOW mess I went in, sat down and burst into tears -- and Michael began to question me and THEN I found out he was Blatherwatch. And Hominid and Left Shue and BlogReload were all there, too, and others...

You asked what I was doing on Google entry several months old ? I was trying to figure out how to Communicate on the Internet, how to navigate, locate
things... All of you have been at it so long that you are FISH IN WATER.

I explained the whole Blog thing at a Junior League Sustainer coffee a few weeks ago and they knew nothing about it. Gee -- you guys are missing a really Important opportunity !! You should start an "education" program : the pure IQ among my friends and their experience in Politics and the community is staggering. But what you are doing is completely unknown and not easily accessible. They rely on newspapers and television. I am viewed as a real pioneer... and on the edge of amazing !

I have had such difficulty in getting "regular" media coverage (Newspapers, commericial TV and some Radio) -- the only things which the MAJORITY of Americans have. Of course this can be PURCHASED.) I have have done all the public access t.v.shows, good radio, and some commericial TV, filled out Questionnaires, and begun to write "comments" to Blogs. But even if I'd FIGURED OUT BLOGS 6 MONTHS AGO WOULD IT HAVE HELPED IN THE ELECTION ? YES, ACTUALLY ALL THE MEDIA PEOPLE CHECK the 1. FEC CONTRIBUTIONS LISTS, 2. THE POLL NUMBERS, and (3.) ALSO CHECK THEIR FAVORITE BLOGGERS. SO, YES, YOU GUYS ARE BECOMING VERY IMPORTANT -- AND YOU ARE REACHING A NON-BLOGGING AUDIENCE INDIRECTLY IN THAT WAY !! Hummm.

MY CREDENTIALS: you know I'm trained in Theory work at Claremont -- searching out structure of government and the economy -- and degreed under a U/Chicago Milton Friedman original member, Martin Diamond. And I have work on the Constitution including testimony before the US Senate: (it really is like it is shown in the old news reels and in the movies !) And being a geologist...and 40 years of executive experience in community work. This is a pretty heavy resume for a private citizen and WHEN I EXPLAINED MY CREDENTIALS TO AMERICANS THEY UNDERSTOOD THE POWER OF THIS WORK : THEY HAVE ALL DONE VOLUNTEER WORK AND HAVE VERY STRONG IDEAS ABOUT A HEALTHY ECONOMY: A GREAT DEAL CLEARER THAN POLITICIANS OR MEDIA UNDERSTAND! TALKING TO "THE PEOPLE"HAS NEVER BEEN MY PROBLEM --BUT GETTING TO THEM BY THE STANDARD "POPULAR" MEDIA IS VERY DIFFICULT !!

My "WEBSITE" is not an attarctive site like yours (I think your green plaid is the most attractive background I have ever seen : no splashy bars and stats, no animations which "pulse", no grinning idiot like mine! )

But my WEBSITE has turned into something very different -- and it EVOLVED INTO A "WORKING THEORIST'S BLOG SITE" -- which developed as the Campaign went on and my theory work went on...AND PEOPLE BEGAN TO ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT THE
CORRUPTION... aT first I changed the entries THEN IN ORDER NOT TO LOSE MY NEW WORK I ADDED ON TO IT. ( AND I added instructions on where to go for detailed



So it has reworkings of the same idea here and there, has "lists" and "margin notes" and refferences...and is there for people who understand THAT I HAVE REDEFINED A GREAT PART OF ECONOMICS -- and stumbled on each part as I couldn't find the "classic" economy and kept seaching for what had replaced it.
I also included the three original "Cocktail Napkin Diagrams" -- materials museums and historians of
scientific history love to see. Remarkably the work has PRODUCED A GOOD "FEYNAMAN DIAGRAM", fulfills all the CRIERIA FOR "OCCAM'S RAZOR", and is PROVING TO BE "UNIFIED"! That's as good as it gets for a Theorist!
(And after the detour of living a full life I have returned
to my specialized training and would make my proffs at
Claremont very proud of me -- and of themselves !). Scripps has talked to me about speaking at my college
about what an alumnae grandmother can accomplish.

The single most important part of it is that with the
new analysis I was able to begin TO WRITE LAW which
not only helps America to recover, but ACUTALLY
REVERSES THE SUB-ECONOMY --- and pushes the
Economic Crash further away. As soon as enough
economically sound laws are in place the Economy
will begin to "grow" again. If Congress continues to
rely on "Corporate Theory" or "New Deal Tax and Spend
Theory" --both of which require a "growing" economy -- we will crash in about two years.

I can make Soc. Security profitable in 2 decades; can create good old fashioned insurance which will "compete-out" the current cartel; can introduce a non commputer virus into Medicare and straighten it out (based on Risk and Probability math : i.e. the Actuarial Tables.) That's only the top of the list AND ALL OF THESE REPAIR THE ECONOMY AS THEY BEGIN TO FUNCTION.

I am sorry it has "thrown" people -- it was much more
important to show the American people the actual work I am doing than to feed them only sound bytes . The
bytes are under my picture front and center.

The KEY begin with #1: take no more money out of circulation :no new taxes and no new laws "skimming" on behalf of debts, government agencies or favored businesses. There are many ways besides Taxes to raise money. # 2-- Deflation makes each dollar more valuable -[[AND ALL THE REST IS INDICATED on the website. The theory "Notes" for this are under the sub-site "Destroying the Sub-Economy" (as indicated in the text]].

The key to the work Bloggers can do to reach the people --and educate them -- IS THROUGH THE FACT THAT THE POPULAR MEDIA IS LOOKING MORE AND MORE AT FAVORED BLOGGERS AS THEY COVER THE NEWS. BUT
THAT INPUT HAS TO BE INTENTIONAL -- not cluttered with old material ...or harmful inuendo.

Most Sincerely -- and I amsaying I'm sorry once again that we got off to such a bad start -- Robin Adair.

At 6:06 AM, Blogger TMW said...

Think nothing of it. One of the inherent problems with text is a reader's inability to accurately gauge the writer's emotions and misunderstandings are often a result. I'm sorry that signing up with Blogger was such a chore, it isn't the first time I've heard of people having problems with it and it has not proven to be the greatest website for its purpose.

On the whole, I was surprised that so few voters had cast votes for third-party options in the Senate election. Considering the state's history of voting independence and that Bruce at least was able to reach a statewide audience between the debate and his commercial, the amount of voters unwilling to break from the two-party system was saddening. One thing I agree with you wholeheartedly on is the need for election reform, and fortunately, in my opinion, Sam Reed is committed to this even if the state and its courts are not.



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