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15 July 2006

O'Sullivan leads in cash race for old job

Kevin O'Sullivan, Republican candidate for Thurston County Commissioner, has raised twice as much as incumbent Democrat Bob MacLeod according to recent PDC files. This race, possibly the most potentially-entertaining local of the season, is a rematch of 2002's Democratic primary, when MacLeod narrowly defeated O'Sullivan, then the conservative Democrat incumbent. O'Sullivan has since switched to the GOP and stands a good shot at winning his old seat back, in my judgment.

While I admit I would like to see O'Sullivan make this comeback, MacLeod has the clear advantage in campaign sign quality. I dig his microphone logo, which is much more creative than the scattered shamrocks O'Sullivan has to show off his Irishocity.


At 3:12 PM, Blogger Suilbup said...

Just came across your blog. I'm curious:

1) Do you support an oligopsony of medicine buyers, to counter the oligopoly of PhRMA producers?

2) Do you favor free-trade? Including in medicines, to allow pharmaceutical imports from Canada?

3) Do you favor environmental protection against oil spills in the Hood Canal? (Making negative externalities endogenous; and bearing in mind that Coase himself said we do not live in a 'Coasian' world, because transaction costs are significant.)


At 11:21 PM, Blogger TMW said...

Thanks for stopping by.

1. I have no clue. I am not at all acquainted with that subject in order to answer.
2. Yes, I believe in free market liberalism, up to and including importing medicines from Canada.
3. I favour environmental protection in general provided it does not unnecessarily hamper business. I'm not familiar with specifics of the Hood Canal situation in order to say I would or would not, but provided whatever strides are being taken to protect it from oil spills are fair to businesses, it sounds acceptable.


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