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18 September 2006

Profile: 43rd House - Democrats

Easily this year's marquee primary, six qualified liberal Democrats are fighting to replace Rep. Ed Murray [D-Seattle] as he waits to become the district's next senator. While there is very little ideological difference in the crowd, those in the know have been debating the past six months on who should join Frank Chopp in the House delegation. For any n00bs, here are the choices:

-Lynne Dodson: teacher, labour favourite
-Dick Kelley: 43rd district Democratic chairman
-Jamie Pedersen: attorney, gay rights advocate
-Stephanie Pure: aide to Councilman Peter Steinbrueck
-Bill Sherman: assistant county prosecutor, eco-favourite
-Jim Street: former city councilman and Superior Court judge

In spite of all their individual strengths, I think Pedersen stands out as he has consistently led the field in funds and the Supreme Court's ill-conceived ruling on DOMA may earn him some additional support, considering he was part of the losing legal team. Jim Street and Bill Sherman may get a boost from each of their endorsements by the major Seattle newspapers, and Dick Kelley's party support is a big asset, but I'm sticking with my prediction all along that Pedersen will emerge with a narrow victory.

Prediction: Pedersen Lean


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